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Utah bans online poker opts-out of federal legislation

In a preemptive strike against the possibility of a federal online poker bill the state of Utah has passed into law a bill that bans online poker in the state, as well as opting-out of any federal online poker legislation that could be passed in the future.

Nevada Gaming Hits ‘Milestone’ Toward Online Poker

Musician Jimmy Buffett was awarded a gaming license at Thursday’s Nevada Gaming Commission hearing, but he didn’t headline the show. Instead, it was the state’s plans for having the nation’s …

Utah Governor Signs Bill to Ban Online Gaming

After less than two months on the table, a bill aimed to preemptively ban online gaming in the state of Utah was signed into law on Monday by the governor.

Nevada Regulators Talk Future of Gaming Industry

Despite not being on the agenda, online gaming had a presence at Thursday’s Nevada Gaming Commission hearing. Last month the state’s top gaming body made history by unanimously approving rules …

Iowa State Senator to Try Online Poker Bill Again

The state of Iowa has long been one of the states included in the discussion of those that could possibly legalize and regulate online poker within its own borders.  There was some activity on that front last spring, but nothing materialized.  Now, with the recent Department of Justice (DoJ) reversal on the Wire Act, it appears that the ball may get rolling once again. State Senator Jeff Danielson (D-Cedar Falls) told the Des Moines Register Tuesday that he has plans to introduce a new online poker bill to state legislature soon and expects it to be considered during the current session.  A catalyst for the bill seems to be the DoJ’s December clarification of the Wire Act of 1961 in which it confirmed that the law only makes sports betting over the internet illegal, rather than all gambling.  Even though the Fifth District Court ruled that it only applied to sports betting in 2002, the DoJ had always asserted that the Wire Act applied to gambling of all kinds.  The DoJ’s clarification appears to have changed the attitudes of state legislators around the country, allowing new opinions to be formed about not just intrastate online poker, but interstate online poker, as well.

MA Casinos could change the face of East Coast Poker

After Governor Deval Patrick vetoed a casino bill passed by the state legislature in 2010, it looked like Massachusetts residents were going to have to continue making the long trek to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, or head to their northern neighbor New Hampshire to play in that state’s charity poker rooms for the foreseeable future. But all that changed when a casino Read Full Article Related posts: Mass lawmaker pushes for legalized online poker Last year the Commonwealth of Massachusetts nearly passed a bill…

Legalizing Online Poker in California

There is an intense drive in the state of California to make internet gambling legal. Proponents of online gambling believe it to be a great idea and have taken several steps to promote it.

Online poker in Nevada becoming a reality

Earlier this year Nevada passed legislation that allowed the State Control Board and the Nevada Gaming Commission to draft regulations and standards necessary for online poker operators. According to Lipparelli, the legislature is likely to vote on the proposed measures in December, paving the way for online poker in Nevada as early as February 2012