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Steelers End Vikings Undefeated Run

Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings are undefeated no more. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ used a couple of big plays from their defense in the fourth quarter to break open a close game and defeat the Vikings by a final score of 27-17. Favre put up decent yardage in the loss, throwing for 334 yards but had no touchdowns and an interception. The defending Superbowl Champion Steelers improved to 5-2, while the Vikings are now 6-1.

Poker Legend Stu Ungar Remembered

Too often amazing talents are given to those people who are not able to handle them. Such was the case of poker legend Stu Ungar, who had skills at the card table unrivaled in history. Unfortunately, his ineptitude at every day life and self destructive behavior was equally legendary. Ungar would eventually succumb to his demons, and was found dead in his room at the Oasis Motel in Las Vegas in late 1998.

Winning Texas Hold’em – The Power of Position

One of the least utilized (for beginning players) and yet most important factors to consider when playing Texas Hold’em is table position. Your table position in hold’em is your location at the table in relation to the button. Your position rotates every hand with the button, so it’s important to know how to play them all. Your table position will be a huge factor on how you play your hands, and whether or not to play a hand at all.