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Epic Poker Bankruptcy Leaves Mountain of Debt

On Feb.

Utah bans online poker opts-out of federal legislation

In a preemptive strike against the possibility of a federal online poker bill the state of Utah has passed into law a bill that bans online poker in the state, as well as opting-out of any federal online poker legislation that could be passed in the future.

Nevada Gaming Hits ‘Milestone’ Toward Online Poker

Musician Jimmy Buffett was awarded a gaming license at Thursday’s Nevada Gaming Commission hearing, but he didn’t headline the show. Instead, it was the state’s plans for having the nation’s …

Utah Governor Signs Bill to Ban Online Gaming

After less than two months on the table, a bill aimed to preemptively ban online gaming in the state of Utah was signed into law on Monday by the governor.

Nevada Regulators Talk Future of Gaming Industry

Despite not being on the agenda, online gaming had a presence at Thursday’s Nevada Gaming Commission hearing. Last month the state’s top gaming body made history by unanimously approving rules … analyzes current legality of online poker

In one of the most in-depth articles available on the subject, has broken down the current state of online poker in the United Sates, as well as offering up a detailed forecast for what poker players can expect on the legislative front in the coming months and years.

Entraction Becomes IGT Poker Network

Nevada-based slot and gaming manufacturer International Game Technology (IGT) has announced that the recently acquired Entraction will be renamed the IGT Poker Network. IGT acquired the Swedish online poker network …

Ex-Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Skeptical of Federal Online Gaming Bill Despite Recent DOJ Ruling

Ex-Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Skeptical of Efforts for Federal Online Gaming Bill

Iowa to Take Another Look at Online Poker

The Des Moines Register reported Tuesday that state Sen.

Playing Popular Casino Games

Casino games are found in any environment regardless of the type of casino, whether it is played on the streets or even online. Examples of classic casino games are craps, poker, slots roulette and blackjack. Different types of games attract different types of people. Knowing the basics will help the player play better on their next visit to the casino.

What Makes a High Quality Poker Table

There are several factors to consider when decided what sort of poker table you should purchase. The first decision is whether or not the poker table should be have folding legs or be a furniture table.

Winning Texas Hold’em – The Power of Position

One of the least utilized (for beginning players) and yet most important factors to consider when playing Texas Hold’em is table position. Your table position in hold’em is your location at the table in relation to the button. Your position rotates every hand with the button, so it’s important to know how to play them all. Your table position will be a huge factor on how you play your hands, and whether or not to play a hand at all.