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Daniel Tzvetkoff to Testify for Prosecution in Black Friday Trial

The Australian payment processor who may have been the U.S. government’s key to the Black Friday indictments is set to become the prosecution’s star witness against two of the men named in those indictments, according to the Australian Associated Press.

Will Online Poker Come Back?

Will online poker return to the United States?

Iowa State Senator to Try Online Poker Bill Again

The state of Iowa has long been one of the states included in the discussion of those that could possibly legalize and regulate online poker within its own borders.  There was some activity on that front last spring, but nothing materialized.  Now, with the recent Department of Justice (DoJ) reversal on the Wire Act, it appears that the ball may get rolling once again. State Senator Jeff Danielson (D-Cedar Falls) told the Des Moines Register Tuesday that he has plans to introduce a new online poker bill to state legislature soon and expects it to be considered during the current session.  A catalyst for the bill seems to be the DoJ’s December clarification of the Wire Act of 1961 in which it confirmed that the law only makes sports betting over the internet illegal, rather than all gambling.  Even though the Fifth District Court ruled that it only applied to sports betting in 2002, the DoJ had always asserted that the Wire Act applied to gambling of all kinds.  The DoJ’s clarification appears to have changed the attitudes of state legislators around the country, allowing new opinions to be formed about not just intrastate online poker, but interstate online poker, as well.

Illinois Poker Bust Demonstrates Diverse Thoughts On Both Sides Of Home Game Issue

A recent raid on what law enforcement officials in Illinois called a “pay to play” poker game in Illinois demonstrates the divisiveness of the “home game” issue and the activity of law enforcement investigating the supposed illegal enterprise. In an article in the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette written by Mary Schenk , the full details are given on what Champaign police called a “low-level” raid on the poker game

Where Can US Players Play Online Poker?

US players banned from poker sites Poker is the favorite casino card game of the United States.

How to Prepare for Ordering Custom Poker Chips

Custom poker chips are an increasingly popular item being purchased at our store, And, there are several reasons for this. The first reason is that many corporations are using poker chip sets as gifts to their top performers. Many of our clients enjoy giving a gift with something more personal on it and custom poker chips fit this description very well. The second group we are seeing a large increase in is people looking to commemorate a special event with a very personalized gift; in particular, weddings, retirements, and job promotions. What do you need to do in order to make sure your order is as smooth as possible?

Playing Popular Casino Games

Casino games are found in any environment regardless of the type of casino, whether it is played on the streets or even online. Examples of classic casino games are craps, poker, slots roulette and blackjack. Different types of games attract different types of people. Knowing the basics will help the player play better on their next visit to the casino.

What Makes a High Quality Poker Table

There are several factors to consider when decided what sort of poker table you should purchase. The first decision is whether or not the poker table should be have folding legs or be a furniture table.

The End of the Dark Days of Online Poker

There is a poker group called Poker Players Alliance which has been trying to change the poker environment in the United States especially in the Internet arena. Since the UIGEA has been passed it has literally waste away the online poker choices of the US people by classifying poker like any other variety of gambling which is not true because playing poker is more like a skill test than a luck one.

Poker Rakeback Is A Smart Way To Grow Your Total Game Income

A lot of poker players who play online are not familiar with poker rakeback. Not being aware of this concept leaves a lot of their money on the table.

You Need To Have A Good Online Poker Strategy If You Hope To Succeed

If you’re thinking of getting into online poker, it’s a good idea to work to develop an intelligent online poker strategy before even getting into the games. Online poker is slightly different from the poker that is played in the casino atmosphere, also. The live atmosphere in a casino can be a bit more intimidating, though the games are almost the same.

Win Money Playing Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Freeroll poker tournaments are a fantastic way to win real money at no cost. There are a lot of online poker sites that award prizes instead of money. Some of these prizes could be poker DVDs or poker apparel. The tournaments that hand out real money as winnings are typically the preferred ones.

Finding Your Ideal Internet Casino

When deciding to enter into the online gaming world, you can become overwhelmed with the many choices that are available to you.

A Few Double Or Nothing Strategy Tips

Double or nothing strategy to help in a double or nothing poker tournament can take you a long way in these new tournaments. For purposes of illustration, understand that such a tournament is one in which 10 players start and in which the last five players left are paid out double the amount that they paid to buy in.

Increase Your Odds With Double Or Nothing Poker

Poker is a game millions enjoy. There are a variety of versions and each one equally fun. The newer games especially in an online casino, is double or nothing poker. Although how you play remains the same, how you win is a bit different.