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Report — Nevada Sports Books Could Lose Big If New York Giants Win Super Bowl

The New York Giants have a lot of believers, which is why Nevada casinos could wind up losing big if they manage to upset the New England Patriots next Sunday …

PPA condemns I. Nelson Rose for Joe Barton comments

Dating back to October, and most recently In an article in Poker Players Magazine, gaming law expert I. Nelson Rose has been pointing out that the current darling of the poker world, Representative Joe Barton (R-TX), has somewhat of a history for being a political opportunist, with Rose basically concluding that he is not sold on Barton’s commitment to legalizing and regulating online poker.

Playing Popular Casino Games

Casino games are found in any environment regardless of the type of casino, whether it is played on the streets or even online. Examples of classic casino games are craps, poker, slots roulette and blackjack. Different types of games attract different types of people. Knowing the basics will help the player play better on their next visit to the casino.

US Casinos In Atlantic

Atlantic City is often described as the Las Vegas of the east coast. Ever since the legalization of gambling in New Jersey this city has seen development of numerous casinos making it the second most popular casino city next to Las Vegas in America. Borgata is the newest and the best addition to the list of casinos in Atlantic City.

Custom Poker Chips Set: The Perfect Holiday Gift

When one surveys the media there is no doubt that poker is becoming a booming phenomenon. For the first time people can recognize professional poker players. There are massive online and TV tournaments which bring in thousands of spectators. Poker, like never before has peaked its savvy existence into the minds of the public. The average player is wrapped-up in this new found hype, and with this new “cool” boom, comes with a lot of unique products. One product is custom poker chips, and they are hitting the market fast.

Card Counting On Black Jack 21- Advantages And Disadvantages Of Back Counting

The process of Back-Counting, is professionally known as “Wonging”, It’s basically a process when someone is standing behind the dealers table in which also has players on, and when the cards are being dealt, a count is also being taken. The proposed idea of Back- Counting was brought forward by Stanford Wong, and naturally because his name is Wong, the process was also named that.

Online Gambling Bonus Review

Many online casinos offer amazing online gambling bonus offers as a means by which to introduce their site to potential players, and a way to promote all of the casino’s many special features to the world. Online casinos players have to remain prudent though; one should still do homework and research on the various different online gambling bonus offers out there, as some are far better than others.

A Gift – Personalized Poker Chips

If you have any doubts about the popularity of poker then just turn on the television and you will see people playing poker about as regularly as you would a football team during NFL season. People can actually recognize players from the world of poker. Almost every time you turn on the television you see some player in a tournament. Google poker and you can find any number of a thousand different rooms that offer the average player the chance to play along seasoned pros. The average poker player has been swept into this whirlwind that is referred to as the poker frenzy. Players can buy several customized items including customized poker chips.

Winning At The Slots

Is there really a strategy that will help you win at the slot machines? Well, er, a simple answer to this question is NO. There are no winning strategies to learn that are going to make you rich playing a slot machine.

Card Counting On Blackjack- 21 The Movie

Inspired by a true story, a math nerd at MIT who’s recruited by his teacher (Kevin Spacey), to join a secret team of students that are blackjack geniuses, who then spend every weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada using a Hi Lo card counting system to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Looking For A Gift – Try A Poker Chip Set

There is no surprise why people love poker. The bright side to poker is that someone can get lucking or play with skill and earn a little fortune. On the other side, there is the competitive edge and the thrill of bluffing a hand. It is no doubt a mental exercise of will, determination, and sometimes manipulation. However, sometimes players take a couple things for granted which they shouldn’t’ – namely the poker chip set that they are playing with.

The Internet’s Best Online Slots

As an online slots player, I believe it is a good idea to share my knowledge and opinions of which online casinos offer the best in terms of games, reputation, and customer service. I believe that in order to keep online gaming fair and fun, players should share their experiences and advice. For me, I look for three things when I play video slots online: they have to run loose, look flashy, and above all, they have to be fun to play!