Point Spreads – An Explanation

Every major sport that people bet on has a point spread system.

People new to betting may not understand the point spread system Point spreads make the sport more interesting and increase understanding of the teams because sports analysts on TV often refer and compare teams’ skills by discussing point spreads. Of course one must remember that although point spreads are widely discussed, betting is not legalin all US states.

A knowledge of point spreads will increase your understanding of the sport and of the teams and this will also increase your chances of maximizing your betting wins.

Understanding college football spreads means that you have to understand sports betting in general. All sports have a point spread or line associated with them. These are determined on a game-by-game basis between the two teams that are playing each other.

Let me give you an example, if the University of Oklahoma is playing the University of Texas then there will be a point spread associated with that game.

The two teams are rarely exactly matched in skill, so you are going to find that one will have a better chance of winning the game. In college football spreads this can be a very large number depending on who the two teams are.

In a game between UT and OU, then the point spread will not be a large number because the 2 teams are comparable in skills and experience.

It is usually pretty clear that one team is going to be better than the other, that is why we have point spreads if it was just a matter of betting on a game on the better team then on average 50% of bettors would win. The point spread changes the odds and means that a team has to win by a certain amount of points.

One final example would be if UT is favored, on the point spread by 8 over OU, then UT would have to win by 9 points. If UT wins by 8 then it is essentially a draw, also known as a push. You would neither lose nor win if they won by 8 points.

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