How to Play Blackjack Without the Casino

How interesting and fun would it be to have a casino style Blackjack game at home? You can host your very own Blackjack game. All it takes is a little education along with some good planning to ensure that you and your friends will have a great time.

Choosing one of your more flamboyant friends to be the dealer will add to the home game experience. If you are the dealer you will likely have more chips at risk than the other players, however you need to be reserved and friendly while winning or losing, much like a dealer in a casino.

Don’t go cheap on blackjack supplies. The most basic items you need are playing cards and poker chips. There are some other items you will also need, if you want your game to have a casino feel. All of the blackjack supplies used in casinos are available in home versions and are not very expensive.

You have the option of many choices for a blackjack playing surface. There are many different blackjack tables to choose from. They can range from around $150 to as much as $800 for a good quality casino black jack table. Other options are a folding table top or a felt layout which range in price from 15 to 50 dollars.

Setting up like a casino will mean that you will use more than one deck of cards. Many casinos use 6 and 8 deck shoes. Black jack supplies are available for you to use multiple decks of cards at home. In order to deal from several decks of cards you will need a dealer shoe. These are available in sizes from 2 decks to 8 decks.

Now after you have made the decision to use multiple decks of cards, an issue seldom thought of until you have the problem is what to do with the used cards until time to shuffle and reload the shoe. You will need what is called a discard holder. Available in sizes from 2 decks to 8 decks, these playing card discard holders work perfectly.

Whether you are considering discard holders, dealer shoes, automatic card shufflers or all three, you can’t go wrong. All of these have minimal expense and can make a real difference in your game. Your choices are nearly endless when it comes to choosing blackjack supplies for your home game.

Some additional accessories to make your game smooth are cut cards, black jack table trays, a dealer visor, and of course poker chips. The cut card should be the same size as the playing cards you purchase (poker or bridge size) and is used to mark the shuffle point in the dealer shoe. A table tray is for the dealer to organize his/her chips. A dealer visor adds flair and cuts down on glare from lights.

The blackjack accessories that you buy for your home game can make a big difference in the success or failure. Be careful and start early. This will give you time to evaluate the products.