Card Counting On Blackjack- 21 The Movie

Inspired by a true story, a math nerd at MIT who’s recruited by his teacher (Kevin Spacey), to join a secret team of students that are blackjack geniuses, who then spend every weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada using a Hi Lo card counting system to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After watching this movie, so many people were inspired to learn how to count cards. So who wants to learn to count cards now?

The real MIT team, and also shown in the movie 21, used the hi lo card counting system. Card counting is a card game strategy used to determine when a player has an advantage over the house. The term is used to refer to the tracking of the ratio of high cards to low cards in blackjack.

Basic card counting assigns a positive, negative, or zero value to each card value available. values 7-9 do not affect the count. When a card of whatever value is dealt, the count is adjusted by that card’s value. Low cards increase the count while increasing the concentration of high cards in the remaining shoe, while high cards decrease it for the opposite reason.

The basic principle behind card counting: A low running count of Aces decreases the probability of a Blackjack. A high number of ten-value cards also makes the insurance bet more profitable. Low cards are better for the dealer, high cards are better for the player, low cards are good for the dealer. A high ratio of Aces and tens increase the chance of Blackjacks. Tens will bust all stiff hands and will increase the chance the dealer will lose, so a high number of low values cards is safer for the dealer.

Card counters do not need special mental abilities to count cards, just some proper training! This is because they are not memorizing any specific cards. Instead, card counters assign a value to each card , and then they track only the sum of these values.

Casinos spot card counters by seeing the player changing bets with the count, the casino will assume you are a counter.

The casinos found it difficult to identify any members of the teams as card counters since they didn’t alter their wagers. The MIT students played in teams, one of the members will sit at table, play the game at a minimal bet, while keeping the count. Once the running count determines the player has an advantage over the dealer, the big spender player is signaled to join the table. This special player only makes large bets so they can make money fast.

It is impossible to “detect” the sequence of the any remaining cards, therefore, card counting is only used as a probability advantage.

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